Disadvantaged Business (DBE)/ Diversity Compliance

Diversity Business Commitment

Grand Parkway Infrastructure is dedicated to supporting diversity and inclusion to qualified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) entities interested in contracting services to us on the SH 99 Grand Parkway Segments H, I-1 & I-2 design and construction project.

DBE Requirements

The project has a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) goal of 10% and is subject to the TxDOT Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Special Provisions. To learn more or apply for DBE Certification, click the “Get Certified” icon below.

Potential Contract Opportunities

GPI will be procuring goods and services from several vendors, with a special emphasis on local vendors, for this project. For more information about current and potential opportunities, visit the Bid Opportunities page. To register your company, click the “Vendor Registration” icon below.

Workforce Diversity Initiatives

This project is subject to federal diversity and labor compliance requirements. The SH 99 Grand Parkway project has a workforce diversity goal of 6.9% women and 27.4% minority for all construction work performed. If you are interested in working with us please visit the Job Opportunities page.

Presumed Groups Include:

  • Asian-American, African-American, Native American, Hispanic, Women

  • Must be a small business as defined by the Small Business Administration (SBA)

  • Personal Net Worth Limit: $1,320,000.00

  • Firm must be organized as a for-profit business